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grunionmoon's Journal

Grunion Moon
7 August
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I like guava nectar, guava sherbet, rhubarb anything. I like carob. I like Pad Thai, spicy things, spare ribs, mutton chops, strawberries. I like other things.
I like Joseph Conrad, Larry Niven, Doris Lessing, Robert Silverberg, Walter von Tilburg Clark, early John Barth, early Stephen King.
I like intelligent talk. I like movies no one has heard of or would want to.
I like Earth, generally.
I like Herman Daly, David Malin Roodman, Milton Friedman, Wade Davis, Wendell Berry, some other people. I like Chuang Tzu, in the right mood. I like "Dixie Kidnaps Vera" off the Cotton Club soundtrack.
I like finding pretty rocks, and I like the moon.